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Love for English sport – golf and football passion
Sebastiana Hotta | 22.04.2018
May in England is beautiful and hot but not only because of weather. Sun is shining and many big sport events are taking place also. To London Stansted airport I went by plane from Rzeszow, then to the city by train, and voilà! It was 20th of May. I knew that next day will be magnificent because my favourite football club, which is Chelsea, has already been English Premier League Champion and at next day’s match versus Sunderland will be great atmosphere and champion’s celebration. 21st of May, which was Sunday, was superb. Then my uncle and I went to the Stamford Bridge (Chelsea stadium) by a tube. All fans we met were as excited as we were. When we get into the stadium, we were shocked positively. Atmosphere was so good, we were singing, scanding, enjoying very much.
The match was nervous at the beginning but in the second half WE scored some great goals, and it ended 5-1! After the math was previously mentioned celebration with a trophy. Everybody was very happy! That day was one of the best sport feelings in my life, but I think that one day I will feel it once more.
Few days later… My another dream came true! I am talking about a big golf event called BMW PGA Championship. This tournament always take place in the very rich village called Virginia Water (25 miles from London), in Wentworth Golf Club which is very historical and exclusive golf course. This is an every year tournament in the best European golf league called European Tour.
Before I tell you more about that, I will introduce you a little bit to golf… Generally every golf tournament lasts 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday. In these days golfers are playing the best way they can. In general 4 days of playing means 72 holes because one round of golf equals 18 holes. After 2 days there is a cut. Cut is the elimination of, typically, the lower half of a stroke-play field at the midpoint of the tournament or after 36 holes. So now about my experiences that day. It was the second day of the event. Like every golfer, golf fan I have my favourite player. Mine is Henrik Stenson. If I wanted to see him playing, I had to get up very early (it was 5 a.m) because Henrik’s tee time was set at 7:40 a.m. I went there by train. By the way, trans in England are very solid and punctual. See the best professionals is priceless! I have followed him all 18 holes. I have learned very much and feel golf at the best level. After these few hours walking and watching there was a chance to get some autographs and photos so I have waited for it. I succeeded! Few shots of the golf course view and I had to come back to London…
I hope in 2018 I will go there once more, but if it won’t be possibile I would come back to these memories. Maybe you have some sport experiences as well?