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Ireland – country of green pasturelands.
Michał | 22.01.2018
Do you want to go on a trip? Are you keen on doing photos of beautiful views? Or maybe you love tasting some new local dishes? Don't worry – Ireland got it all. And that's why I fell in love with this place. Ireland is a county which is located on a island with the same name – it's also often called "Green Island" beacause of the greenery that you can see everywhere there. It's third the biggest island in the Europe. The capital city of Ireland is Dublin which is on the north-east side of the country. Other big cities are i.a. Cork, Galway and Limerick. Architecture and views. Ireland has many great places to visit, especially when you like celtic culture. One of the best-known buildings are slim, tall towers that usually were built near churches, monasteries and celtic crosses. They are 30 meters high and often made of stone. It's not known for what purpose they were built but some of historians think they had defensive and alarming function. Another well-known place in Ireland is Kilkenny Castle. It was built of stone, in 12th century, near the River Nore. This castle was a symbol of Norman occupation. Now it serves function of a place for ceremonies of the graduates of National University of Ireland. Castle is square-shaped and has three towers. It's really massive and looks like it's taken out of a fairy tale. Place that made the biggest impression on me was Mahon Falls. It's where the River Mahon falls from the Comeragh tableland – it looks a bit like a typical waterfall but it's not. The location of it is in Country Waterford. The waterfall is surrounded by many grassy uplands, rocks covered with moss and fields of brown bushes which adds this place even more charm. Traditions and culture. In Ireland it's very popular to spend free evenings in pubs. There I noticed that Irish people don't talk about religion or politics – but they really like talking about gaelic football. It's a sport which is a combination of rugby and football and it's one of the national sports in Ireland. The game is derived from Caid – tradicional team game which is known in Ireland since the Middle Ages. The most popular championship in gaelic footbal is All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. Irish tradicional music is often played on celtic harp, violin and uilleann pipes (Irish variation of bagpipe). Usually it was played on many different celebrations but also on village parties and in pubs. Irish music became popular with emigration of Irish people to the USA during the Second World War. American people didn't like slow and bleak tones of this music so Irish musicians started to play on piano and guitars to make the tempo faster. The world's largest collecition of traditional music records is in Irish Traditional Music Archive in Dublin. The most important Irish holiday is St. Patrick's Day. It's held on 17th March – the day when St. Patrick died). This day many religious processions and public events are organized. There is also a tradition to wear green clothes, often decorated with shamrocks and drink whiskey. This holiday became popular all over the world - many world-famous buildings are illuminated in green on that day, for example Empire State Building or Opera in Sydney. Irish food. In Ireland food is mostly made of potatoes, milk, vegetables, oat, wheat and meat. It's popular to eat meals in "eat what you can" bars, where you can try traditional fish&chips, roasted goat cheese or banoffee pie (pie made of cookie dough, chocolate, bananas and whipped cream). Ireland is also known from so-called full Irish breakfast. It consists of fried egg, fried sausages, bacon, black and white pudding, fried mushrooms, half of a tomato and hash brown (crumpet made of potatoes, similar to Polish potato pancakes). In Halloween there's a custom of eating colcannon. It's a dish made of mashed potato with kale or cabbage. To sum up, I think that Ireland has one of the most interesting history, related to The Celts which affects on architecture, art and music. Also, you can see there many beautiful views that will make you fell in love with all these green landscapes. That's why I recommend Ireland for trips or holidays. You won't regret it.