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Open'er Festival Gdynia - Poland
Kuba Teper | 28.11.2017
3 days of Amazing experiences. Open'er Festival is one of the largest European music festivals. It takes place in the seaside town of Gdynia. This festival was one of the best experiences in my life. Once with my friend Patryk, we traveled 712 km across Poland to see this event. This year, 120000 people take part in it !!! Many artists recalls Open’er, and talk about Opener’s magic. And so it is! When you stand between thousands of people and you can hear your favorite world artists you can’t express in words how amazing is the feeling, you just have to go there! A big suprise for Us that was they used pyrotechnic effects during concerts. It is worth mentioning that this festival isn’t only concerts but also a lot of attractions for example: Marlboro area, museums, music shops, theater or even fashion shows and much more. The fact of the concerts is amazing but I think it’s worth going there for the atmosphere itself. One of the interesting experiences was the performance of a cappella by one of the artists because hardware broke down, but everyone started to clap to the beat and the concert continued! In this, 2017 we could hear such artists as: The Weeknd, G-Eazy, Mac Miller, Rae Sremmurd, Royal Blood, Radiohead, The XX, Lorde, Dua Lipa and many other... I recommend this event for everyone!