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Marcin 1KA | 28-04-2019
So as there was a post about irish landscape and culture in the past, I'm going to say something about our one-month experience on the land of "fourty shades of green". We went to Ireland for our month-long job practice as part of ERASMUS+ project. Our destination was city named Sligo (irish: Sligeach), which is located in the Connacht county. As was said in general rules of the project, we were accomodated in host-families (2 - 3 students per family). For those who may not know, host-family is country native family, which wills to take foreign students to their homes and live with them for their whole mobility like with their own family members (funny experience to be honest). I and my friend ended living with a divorced woman and her two sons. At first we were a bit sceptical about it because of some not-so suitable to talk about reasons, but fortunately enought it turned out to be good (I'll say more about that later). First week after landing was all about participating in courses, which were supposed not only to check and improve our english skills but also to teach us something about irish culture. Turned out, we also heard few motivational speeches, went to multiple trips across nearby beach and learned about many interesting stuff going on in the city. Anyway the first week was kinda lazy because we didn't have to do anything in particular beside attempting the courses. We finished this week with a trip to the city of Belfast located in Northern Ireland. For me this one turned out to be the least interesting of all our trips, since we just saw few locations in the city and heard from our tourguide bit of a city's history and the we visited the Titanic Centre. As I said before there wasn't really anything special nor interesting so let's move on. Second week is when the things got more interesting, because on this week's Monday everyone from our group went to their jobs and started working. Almost everyone got to work in environment tightly connected to their chosen profession (we're studying in technical school after all). I'm say almost everyone, because there was a one exception and obviously this exception was me. But before I go deeper into it, let me explain. I'm not saying it in a bad meaning, nor in jealousy, because I was actually satisfied with my work subject and workplace, but I was expecting something else, in the end I'm an IT student after all. So I was working with a native speaker - Mr. John Joe Callaghan in ITSligo Innovation Centre (this man's got wonderful personality and very VERY wild sense of humor :D), I was working in language school. At first I was kinda disappointed, because I expected to be doing something related to web design or programming, but then I learned what I was supposed to do there. I was an IT assistant, which means I was participating in all of the lessons while designing question banks for students and helping to set up the online lecture live streams. Even if it wasn't what I expected, it was hell of a fun anyway. And that's just the second week (first work week), which was concluded by the trip across the land (we saw plenty of wonderfull mountains and waterfalls) ending with afternoon spent in Galway. The third week was even better than the previous one, because I've got to know my co-workers and students a bit better, and we were able to do more funny things. But unfortunately end of this week turned out to be awful (I forgot to mention, but so far since our arrival, the weather was perfect: clean skies without even a single cloud, lot of sun and temperatures stayed in relatively warm zone), because just for Saturday, when we were supposed to see some more rough parts of the beach - the cliffs. Unfortunately it was cold and it was literally bucketing all day (that's how they call the intense rain there), so for the whole day we just stayed inside the bus and saw the landscape through the windows. And then until the next saturday it was raining every single day, so everyone was in that sleepy mood and nothing interesting happened at all. And then everything came to an end. On friday we've met in the office where we had first week courses. There we said our farewell to the irish side organizers and we went to our host families to pack our bags and prepare for our return to Poland. Conclusion: those kind of projects are a wonderful occasions to meet many fantastic people, while also learning something about foreign culture and polishing your own english skills. I highly recommend participating in those projects whenever you have the ocasion to do so. I hope that reading this wall of text wasn't a torment for your eyes, so thanks for reading. CHEERS! ;)