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Some typical dishes from Belluno
Karina 3R | 02.03.2019
⦁ Casunziei
⦁ Formaggio Schiz
⦁ Giuseppine
Casunziei is the name in Ladin (a local language in Northeastern Italy) for a kind of filled fresh pasta. This pasta has a typical half-moon shape and between two layers of pasta we can find vegetables and ricotta cheese. They are home-made and are typical of the culinary tradition of the Dolomites area.
The original recipes include the "red" variety with beet, potato, and red turnips; and the "green" one with spinach. Other varieties have fillings of pumpkin or radishes.
In particular, the casunziei all'ampezzana have a filling of red and yellow turnips and are typically served with melted butter, poppy seeds, and Parmesan cheese or a radish-based sauce.
Casunziei are served with ground poppy seeds and honey in Cencenighe, a village near Belluno.
Formaggio Schiz
Schìz was originally a way of preparing and eating cheese which was peculiar to the Belluno area. This fresh cheese is cooked in sauce made by adding cream and/or milk, but some people cook it in a different way making it fried it in oil. This cheese is served with the traditional polenta dish.
Schìz is produced with full-fat cows’ milk. The milk is heated back up to the temperature it had at the time of milking. When rennet is added, the protein substances coagulate and form the curd. The curd is cooked briefly to obtain Schìz, a soft, semi-cooked cheese pressed into square-shaped moulds, which makes it easier to cut into slices. Lightly pressed and unsalted, it is sold extremely fresh.
Schìz is a genuine, versatile cheese which can be used in a multitude of recipes: starters, first courses, main courses and even sweets.
Giuseppine are pastries you can find in many places of Italy, typically only in the Carnival period. Yet in Belluno, they are made and sold all year round.
They are made with simple ingredients like: flour, eggs, butter, water and salt. The dough is like the bignè dough. The chef make their form then fries it in oil.
The only negative aspect is that they must be eaten fresh, because they are made with natural products and also because they have much cream inside.