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A dish from Poland
Mirco 3R | 02.03.2019
Polish cuisine is very simple but nourishing: it is mainly based on meat and grains and it is characterized by hot dishes, thanks to the use of several spices, such as allspices or laurel oak. The main meal - most of the time, a traditional dish – is eaten in the afternoon. The most famous dish are “PIEROGI”, a sort of fresh pasta, similar to Italian ravioli, filled with both salty and sweet ingredients. Their origin can be traced in the medieval era and they were eaten only at Christmas, Easter and during weddings. The dough is generally made of flour, eggs and water. Several variations of Periogi exist: Pierogi filled with sauerkraut and mushrooms, with potatoes and quark, with typical local cheese, but also with meat, onions, bacon, butter or sour cream. Sweet Pierogi, instead, are characterised by dried fruit or wild berries filling. To make them crisper, it is necessary to finish the Pierogi cooking by browning them in a pan. To cook them in the traditional way, few and simple ingredients are sufficient. For the filling: 1 onion, allspices, laurel oak, pepper, 200 grams of sauerkrauts, 50 g of porcino mushrooms, then simmer on a low heat for 5 hours. For the dough: 250 g of flour, 200 ml of water, 3 eggs, then the dough must be rested for half an hour. Then the dough must be rolled out with a rolling pin and cut in a round shape, filled with the ingredients and boiled in hot water for 2 minutes.