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My Favourit Sport
Davit 3R | 02.03.2019
My favourite sport is Ice Hockey. I played for 10 years, but now I don't play anymore because in my area and in Italy it isn't very popular and it's difficult to find a team with players of my category.
In Italy hockey is practiced only in the north because in the south it's too hot to be practiced, yet in the north there are only 4000 players and with the new generations there are fewer and fewer.
Then there are not so many teams, that's why a lot of my teammates have gone to play in Finland or in Switzerland.
I really like hockey because I think it's a very fast sport and in particular because it's a team sport.
A hockey team consist of about 20 players, of whch only 6 play: a goalie, two defenders and three strikers, the remaining players replace the other players during the game, without limits.
The objective of the game is to pull the puck with the stick in the opponent's goal.
I think that in Poland ice hockey is more practicedthan in Italy and i would like to see or play a game in Poland.