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Possible solutions to global warming
Chiara R. 3R | 26.02.2019
For me, nowadays the most important problem of the world is global warming. It causes problems to the atmosphere, to the space, animals and first af all to us. Now, the question that we need to ask is: what we can do to decrease global warming?
First at all, a big problem connected to global warming is the increase in the greenhouse effect and exhaust fumes released by cars in the air. For this, we should try to use publics means of transport like trains or buses or bikes. Another possible solution is buying less polluting cars.
Then, another solution to decrease global warming is to improve our diet. We need to reduce our consumption of meat, especially beef. That's because a pound of beef is responsible for18 times the gas emissions of the same amount of pasta, and this increases the greenhouse effect.
Last but not least, we can use solar panels to produce energy taking advantage of solar power, or we could build a greenhouse, in other words a house composed of systems that help avoiding energy waste and use solar power to heat our house and water.
n conclusion, I think that everybody in their own small way can do something to avoid global warming. If we all tried to do small things, we would get more improvement and also save the world.