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School Year 2018/2019
Hi, my name is Gabriela Daszyk. I'm 16 years old. I'm form small village near Sanok. At present I'm studying at zs3. I'm in 1st mechatronics class. I love travelling. My favorite place in the world is Ischia.
Hello, My name is Robert, I am 16. I am from small village in south-east Poland. I really like playing games and talking with my friends I choosen this school because thaht kind of learning is the best for me. In the future I want craft robots.
My name is Mateusz. I'm from Bieszczady. I like basketball. My favorite basketball team is Golden State Warriors. My favorite fields of music is rap, trap and sometimes I listen to others. I'm in mechatronics class. I chose this field becouse I'm intrested in it and it is vey forward-looking direction. I'm going to visit USA and Japan because these countries are intresting and great.
My name is Wiktoria, I'm 16 years old. I live in Poland in town Sanok. I'm keen on singing and making my own music with my friends. I unusually like to stay at home and watch some Tv series on Netflix with my family. But there are days where I fell more like going out with my friends to spend nice time together. I also like to play computer games and exercise. I like horror movies and books about drama and romance.
Hello there! My name is Patrick, from Poland. Born 2002 in Sanok. My main hobby is playing video games! In the future, I would like to start up my own game studio. I love physicall-horror game series, and very brutal action games. I'm also into reading books and watching TV series. Netflix Tv series are my favorit. Vikings, Breaking Bad, Sherloch, The Walking Dead, Rick and Morty, Brickleberry and many others. I love speaking and meeting new people. That's not a problem. But my grammar is on so bad level.