Ireland – country of green pasturelands.

Michał | 22.01.2018

Do you want to go on a trip? Are you keen on doing photos of beautiful views? Or maybe you love tasting some new local dishes? Don't worry – Ireland got it all. And that's why I fell in love with this place.
Ireland is a county which is located on a island with the same name – it's also often called "Green Island" beacause of the greenery that you can see everywhere there. It's third the biggest island in the Europe. The capital city of Ireland is Dublin which is on the north-east side of the country. Other big cities are i.a. Cork, Galway and Limerick.
Architecture and views.
Ireland has many great places to visit, especially when you like celtic culture. One of the best-known buildings are slim, tall towers that usually were built near churches, monasteries and celtic crosses. They are 30 meters high and often made of stone. It's not known for what purpose they were built but some of historians think they had defensive and alarming function.

Open'er Festival Gdynia - Poland

Kuba Teper | 28.11.2017

3 days of Amazing experiences. Open'er Festival is one of the largest European music festivals. It takes place in the seaside town of Gdynia. This festival was one of the best experiences in my life.

One of my favourite novels

Marcin Winnicki 3TK | 13.11.2017

The stories of Aesir seem to be much more popular nowadays than twenty years earlier. That’s not to say they weren’t known then. Some of its recent popularity undoubtedly comes from the rise of Marvel superhero movies which, obviously, are based on the comics. The comics were a huge inspiration for Neil Gaiman. The adventures of Thor in the Marvel Universe were one of the biggest reasons for his interest in Norse mythology. And mainly because of them he has decided to write a book about it.

Hi dear friends!

Kelly, 4T

We are so happy to hear from you again! We are excited waiting for the next Skype-session, because we will talk again. It’s great to have a chance to share our experiences with people from a far away country, about ideas on current themes or personal ideas: it is a big opportunity for all of us. We believe that 2018 will be the beginning of a new chapter of our story and we hope to remain in contact even outside the school environment, because we think that a good friendship has developed among us.
We wish you a good end of the year.

Hello, friends!

Marcin Winnicki 3TK

The book of our friendship has developed for many years now, and it’s still ongoing. 2017 is slowly coming to an end, but this chapter of our story is just starting. And boy, isn’t it going to be exciting! New promising characters, awesome adventures, mind-breaking plot twists, all in the new 2017/2018 chapter of Sanok-Belluno story of international friendship! We’re all excited to write it and create the most mind-boggling episode in the story so far! And we know you are, too, so hello and let’s make this year another success!

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